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360-iPad-BackgroundUrban Sawyers are working to give fallen Austin area trees a new life and save them from the landfill.  These natural monuments still have a value that can add richness and strength to a variety of projects.  Central Texas is home to countless varieties of trees.  By salvaging these felled trees from the area, we can help create post-harvest uses that remain a part of the city’s fabric.  Extending the life cycle of our trees also provides educational opportunities, lessens our carbon footprint and adds to a greater appreciation of our natural surroundings.  


Do you have an idea that involves wood?   Urban Sawyers wants to assist you in your wood procurement needs. We’ll bring our portable mill and trained professionals to you and deliver your wood, to your specs. You can also bring your projects to us. Whether its custom wood for furniture, lumber or art, Urban Sawyers can make the cuts you need. Give us a call or come by and see us at the shop.                                    


Urban Sawyers
2001 South Seventh Street
Austin, Texas 78704


Daniel Baugh (512)563-5799                            Matt Baugh (512)563-4749

 daniel@urbansawyers.com                                 mateobaugh@gmail.com


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